MVP Filed False Data to Get Permits

MVP Filed False Data to Get Permits – Preserve Craig Demands Stop Work – MVP Still Can’t Cross AT, Forest or Waterways

Preserve Craig filed a powerful new motion in September, asking that all pipeline construction work be halted until faulty core data is corrected.    The motion documented that the underlying information Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) originally filed was fundamentally flawed and must be redone or serious damage will continue to occur if the project is built as designed.

MVP responded that the motion should be dismissed on procedural grounds, notably ignoring the factual issues.    Today Preserve Craig and the twelve neighboring county organizations that joined in the original motion to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) replied with harsh criticism of MVP and pointed to the proven damage and continuing risks to our water unless the original motion is granted.  It asks that FERC coordinate with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps), to direct Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP) to undertake revised analysis of changes to peak stormwater discharge due to construction of the MVP in accordance with scientifically accepted methods.

Iron Ridge Rd Franklin Co July 31, 2019. Notice runoff from MVP construction right-of-way in opper right quadrant

<Iron Ridge Rd Franklin Co July 31, 2019. Notice runoff from MVP construction right-of-way in upper right quadrant>

The Craig County Board of Supervisors also weighed in, sending the FERC a letter in support of the Preserve Craig motion, which is now pending.

Meanwhile, MVP is still prohibited from crossing the Appalachian Trail, the Jefferson National Forest, or any waterways.  Preserve Craig participated in lawsuits that caused federal courts to remove those permits because MVP data was incomplete or flawed in obtain them.   MVP is continuing to look for ways to bypass the court’s decisions.

Meanwhile the misuse of eminent domain taking by private companies is finally being revealed.   The 3rd Circuit Court’s three-judge federal panel ruled on September 10 that seizing private land for the PennEast pipeline by using eminent domain authority granted by the FERC to a private corporation violated the US Constitution by seizing private property.

We’ll be at the Fall Festival in New Castle on Saturday, October 12.  Stop by our booth to learn more and to talk with us about the future of Craig County.

MVP runoff onto Ridge Rd Franklin Co July 31, 2019

<MVP runoff onto Ridge Rd Franklin Co July 31, 2019>

Preserve Craig is a participant in the Mountain Valley Watch (MVW), a collaboration of volunteers, nonprofits, and private interests.  MVW is documenting construction activity of the Mountain Valley Pipeline to assure compliance with environmental regulations during construction.   Call or text to 833-MVWATCH (833-689-2824) with any info on harm MVP is causing.

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