MVP continues to make procedural errors regarding letters and surveying. At a recent Preserve Roanoke community meeting held on June 25th, landowners revealed that the same error that stopped the surveying in Giles County has also happened in Roanoke County, in which MVP reversed the order of surveying notices sent to inform landowners of surveying intent. The first certified letter is intended to request permission to survey and the second certified letter (sent fifteen days following the first letter) is intended to inform landowners of the specific types of surveys that will be completed, as well as the dates that MVP contractors intend to be on the property. Preserve Craig recommends taking no action in response to these letters without legal advice..

Appalachian Mountain Advocate (AMA) attorneys Joe Lovett and Isak Howell, who were present at this meeting, called MVP on behalf of the landowners to point out the procedural error and stopped the surveying. As a result, MVP will have to start the process again reissuing the first certified letter, followed in fifteen days with the second certified letter before they can survey. No trespassing signs will not stop surveyors as Virginia code allows them to survey so long as notice has been sent, however, MVP contractors have been ordered to leave a property without incident if the landowner or their representative is present and refuses access for the purpose of surveying. This will only delay the surveying, as MVP, if refused access, will sue the landowner to gain access to their property. Appalachian Mountain Advocate attorneys continue to represent landowners at no charge until the landowner is sued by MVP for property access under eminent domain. Preserve Craig continues monitor the surveying process by MVP contractors and intends to hold them procedurally accountable to the letter of the law. Notify Preserve Craig regarding any letters you receive or MVP surveying activity so that we can keep all landowners informed!

FREE Legal Counsel to represent you in the matter of MVP’s recent request to survey is available.

These firms offer pro bono services during this phase of the process.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates

Isak Howell and Joe Lovett
Isak Howell>
Appalachian Mountain Advocates is a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Waldo & Lyle

Joseph V. Sherman, Esquire
Waldo & Lyle, P.C.
301 West Freemason Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
(757) 622-5812 [office]
(757) 622-5813 [direct]
(757) 622-5815 [fax]

Check out this video in which citizens of the New River Valley attended a meeting with these legal experts to learn more about their rights.

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