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As proposed, the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project is a natural gas pipeline system that spans approximately 300 miles from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia – and as an interstate pipeline will be regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The MVP will be constructed and owned by Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, which is a joint venture of EQT Midstream Partners, LP and NextEra US Gas Assets, LLC. EQT Midstream Partners will operate the pipeline and own a majority interest in the joint venture.

The MVP will extend the Equitrans transmission system in Wetzel County, West Virginia, to Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company’s (Transco) Zone 5 compressor station 165 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

The pipeline will be governed by the United States Natural Gas Act, which requires a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity from the FERC before construction can commence. As currently planned, the pipeline will be up to 42 inches in diameter and will require approximately 75 feet of permanent easement (with 125 feet of temporary easement during construction). In addition, the project will require up to four compressor stations, of which the design, size, and location will be determined once the route is finalized.

MVP Resource Reports and Submissions to the FERC

EQT Response to EIS Scoping Comments – July 1, 2015


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