Preserve Craig will have a booth at the 35th Annual Craig County Fall Festival this Saturday. We’ll be in front of the Preserve Craig office on Main Street. Stop by and chat. We have lots to share, including some good news, as well as Stop the Pipeline T-Shirts, Yard Signs, bottled mountain spring water and more.

There are three common misconceptions about the Mountain Valley Pipeline:

  1. Why would I care about the Mountain Valley Pipeline? After all, the proposed new route only goes through an edge of Craig County way down Route 42 near the Giles County line. What’s the big deal?
  2. Do you really think it can be stopped? Big corporate money and political pull is behind this project and they usually get their way when they want to do something so why are you fighting it? Who cares what folks here in the mountains think.
  3. Is there really anything I can do that would make a difference? The politicians and the regulators don’t care what the public wants or what folks here in the mountains think so how could we possibly stop a multi-billion-dollar project like this?

We’ll be talking about all of these questions this Saturday at our booth, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on these issues. In the meantime, here is some facts and perspectives on these questions, representing the collective thoughts of hundreds of people who are working to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) from all over the area.

The short answer to all three questions is that this project will affect everyone, it can be stopped, but it will take a continuing concerted effort by the public.


  • We risk losing our most valuable resource, our clean water, which is all connected by a complex underground reservoir of rivers running through the karst geology here in Craig.
  • It would set a devastating precedent by using eminent domain to unconstitutionally take property from private citizens, our neighbors and friends, for corporate profits.
  • There are other massive pipelines on the drawing boards that would come next, including one by the Williams Company that is proposed to go through Craig County just north of New Castle.
  • This project is not needed but the government is refusing to do a systematic evaluation of all the gas project and look at them programmatically.
  • If built, MVP would violate every rule that the Forest Service, Virginia, and West Virginia have established limiting construction and erosion on steep slopes.
  • This would be the largest project ever built across our mountains, and, by their own admission, would cause massive erosion and sediment every year, damaging our creeks, rivers, fish and wildlife.
  • It would create a perfect path for invasive plant species to migrate and cause economic harm to our area.
  • It would outgas all along the route and at the compressor stations, dirtying our air.
  • The massive swath across our mountains and forests would forever damage our views, our tourism, and our way of life.

These are just some of the reasons…


  • We have successfully delayed the project by one entire year already. Their original plan was to be under construction now, but they still have none of the required approvals from any of the five federal and state agencies involved, or any of the County permits that will be required.
  • We have a strong case to show that any permits that may be issued for this project will violate federal and state laws, regulations and procedures, much less be in direct opposition to the US and Virginia Constitution.
  • The economic support for this project is deteriorating. The investors and bankers are concerned.
  • The price of gas has dropped by more than half since the project was first conceived and renewable energy is becoming competitive with fracked gas.
  • The managing partner for the project, EQT, is facing a range of legal problems and has plead guilty to several environmental crimes.
  • EQT and MVP have submitted false and inaccurate information and have not been forthcoming about the truth.
  • Several other recent court decisions lay the foundation for our victory when we appeal any of the permits that may be issued.
  • A lot of organizations and people here and nationally, like the Appalachian Trail Commission, the Wilderness Society, and the NRDC are opposing this project and are ready to fight it.

In short, the wind is at our backs and we are winning, but we need the support and the will to keep fighting.


Come on by our booth to find out. If you can’t make it, give us a call or email, check out our website, and keep an eye out for more information to follow. More information on these efforts and what you can do to participate can be found at the Preserve Craig website.

Preserve Craig, Inc. is a 501C3 nonprofit volunteer public charity formed in 1991 using volunteers and donations to protect our natural, historical, and cultural resources. Tax-deductible donations are welcome online at or by mail to: Preserve Craig, Inc., PO Box 730, New Castle, VA. 24127. Phone: 540-309-9560. Email:

Bill Wolf,
Co-Chair Preserve Craig, Inc

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