Preserve Craig: Virginia DEQ needs to hear from you about MVP

This Thursday, September 20, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is holding its first meeting since re-establishing a quorum with the Trump appointments. All of the commissioners now come from careers in support of the oil and gas industry. But, for this meeting, the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is not on the agenda for a vote.

We believe that we can stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline from being built and harming our region and way of life. There are many factors that make us optimistic. We’ll go into more detail soon, but here’s some of the good news: MVP has not provided any proof that it is in the public interest or is needed. And important federal court cases recently affirmed our positions, among them that the FERC is not really looking at the devastating impacts of these projects and that each State has the right and responsibility to protect its water from harm and must do so with full consideration of public input.

In Virginia, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is delegated that responsibility – to protect our most precious resource, clean water. Although the comment period about the proposed 401 Water Quality permits has closed, the DEQ is accepting “public input” until October 22 about the technical and engineering requirements for Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) that could be required for construction and operation of MVP. You can send in your comments, by mail, fax or via email to .

Frankly, it is a tedious process to read the hundreds of pages of incomplete and inaccurate information that MVP has submitted and to counter it with the truth. MVP is making new submissions every day. The truth is that even MVP says its construction will cause massive erosion and sedimentation and will continue to do so forever. The DEQ has the authority, responsibility, and ability to stop this project. A simple letter to DEQ, copied to the governor and our legislators can just state that the MVP plans are inadequate.

Meanwhile, the DEQ has asked our County, and every County along the MVP route in Virginia, to sign an agreement to participate with the DEQ inspect and oversee the construction of the MVP. It is a troubling document and we do not believe that it should be signed as initially proposed. Our Board of Supervisors will be considering this matter at its October 6 meeting, in two weeks. The Craig County Pipeline Advisory Committee will be making recommendations to the Board regarding this proposed Memorandum of Agreement. Come to that meeting if you can.

Preserve Craig is now finalizing the budget to execute specific legal efforts to protect our environment and stop the MVP. We are accepting tax deductible donations to support this work.

Hundreds of citizens have have contributed to this effort over the last two and half years: Writing and submitting over 3750 pages to defend Craig County and meeting with dozens of officials, which combined represents over $375,000 in volunteer efforts. And over $70,000 in actual tax-deductible donations have been collected and used for educational and environmental protection efforts. Join us to help protect our quality of life here in Craig County.

Preserve Craig, Inc. is a 501C3 nonprofit volunteer public charity formed in 1991 using volunteers and donations to protect our natural, historical, and cultural resources. Tax-deductible donations are welcome online at or by mail to: Preserve Craig, Inc., PO Box 730, New Castle, VA. 24127. Phone: 540-309-9560. Email:

Bill Wolf,
Co-Chair Preserve Craig, Inc.

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