MVP construction already damaging Virginia waters

DEQ comment period extended

This week, we’re featuring photos of the mess that early clearing and construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline are causing. It is not too late to speak up and tell our governor, State Water Control Board and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to suspend the permits and review the need and risks of this project. The DEQ has extended the comment period for writing about stream crossings. You can write to the Governor, submit comments to DEQ and attend the upcoming Water Control Board meeting in Richmond on June 11. See our website for more information.

Preserve Craig is a supporting participant in the Mountain Valley Watch (MVW), a collaboration of volunteers, nonprofits and private interests. MVW is documenting construction activity of the Mountain Valley Pipeline to assure compliance with environmental regulations during construction. Call or text to 833-MVWATCH (833-689-2824) with any info on harm MVP is causing.

The MVW is monitoring the Mountain Valley Pipeline for problems during construction: water source contamination, slope failure, soil erosion into waterbodies, stream channel damage and damage to adjacent properties. Violations of erosion control regulations observed during construction are being documented and reported to responsible agencies for corrective action.

5-Franklin-Co-Mudslide-Closes-Road-315x420 4-MVP-Harming-VA-Waters 3-MVP-Unlicensed-Bridge-over-Sinking-Creek-420x420 2-MVP-Unlicensed-Road-off-Rt-42-in-Craig-County-560x420

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