HR 3746

Urgent request.  We are asking you to contact your legislators,in the US House and Senate, to support an amendment to HR 3746, the debt ceiling bill that will be voted on this week, to remove greenlighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline without further oversight.  

The Bill, HR 3746, currently includes Section 324, which overrides all laws and court rulings — to require completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Rep Self of Texas and Rep McLellan of Virginia and Senator Kaine are filing Amendments to strike section 324. 

Here is suggested language for making this request by email, text, and calling:

Long Version:  

“Please remove Section 324, “Expediting Completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline” from the Fiscal Responsibility Act, HR 3746.   Section 324 authorizes the Mountain Valley Pipeline permits without any environmental or judicial reviews in order to satisfy Manchin’s contributors.  Completion of the project has been suspended several times for several years because of multiple court ruling showing violation of our laws.  Congressional authorization of a private pipeline overriding all applicable law should not be buried in a debt ceiling act.  This provision has not made it out of committee several times before and it should be deleted from the debt ceiling bill.  Please move to and vote for an amendment to delete Section 324.  Thank you.”

Short Version:  

“Please remove Section 324 from the Fiscal Responsibility Act.  Overriding our laws and our courts to complete this private project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, is wrong and does not belong in the debt ceiling bill.”

Here is contact info for Senator Mark Warner: 

Encourage Senator Mark Warner to support Sen. Kaine’s Amendment:

Call Senator Warner at (202) 224-2023 or by email at .@MarkWarner Please support Senator Tim Kaine’s amendment to remove the Mountain Valley Pipeline provisions from the ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’

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