Virginia Pipeline Bills

URGENT: All landowners and opponents of the MVP: Show our legislators that we have their back!  Vote from home!

Please check the following four bills submitted by allied legislators intended to protect us and future victims of interstate gas pipelines.
Below, for each bill click on the link to read the legislation, determine its status, track it, and (be sure to) “vote” for it!  (See the column on right side of page to track the legislation and “cast your vote”
Bill tracking for General Assembly
1.. Right of Entry Bill: :
                   SB 324 (Edwards) – Commerce and Labor Committee:
                   HB 1187 (Hurst) – Commerce and Labor Co:
2.. Pipeline Leak Prevention & Containment Act: HB 1188 (Hurst) – Commerce and Labor Co.
3. Interstate gas pipeline: Water Permit; Regulations: HB 1141 (Rasoul) –  Commerce and Labor Co:
4.. Interstate gas pipeline: construction; water quality impact bond; statewide halt: HB1294  (Rasoul)- C&L

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