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Please sign the petition asking the US Forest Service to deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline request for a special-use permit to survey in our National Forest.   The reasons are outlined in the petition and below.   We hope you will support the position and sign the petition at the link below.

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Opened on March 15, 2015

Petition to U.S. Forest Service

Reject Mountain Valley Pipeline Survey and Routes in Craig County, Virginia
We, the undersigned, formally request that the U.S. Forest Service deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline application to survey pipeline routes in Craig County because the survey is not needed:
1. WE ALREADY KNOW the US Forest Service denied a similar request for a power line to cross the region in 1995 and the reasons for that decision are as important today as ever.
2. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed pipeline routes will pass through and disrupt the most important habitats on earth for the Federally Endangered James spinymussel.
3. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will be visible from the Appalachian Trail and will likely scar the most important views from Dragons Tooth.
4. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes go through areas designated by the USFS as unsuitable for pipelines including Black Bear habitat.
5. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will further fragment the Wilderness Areas that the Forest Service has invested in protecting.
6. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes cross steep, unstable slopes and unstable karst geology and will affect the quality of both ground water and surface water.
7. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will remove forest cover that protects critical water resources on both public and private lands.
8. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will destroy conservation easements, streamside buffers, wildlife habitat restoration projects, and other longstanding conservation efforts created by concerned private citizens in collaboration with state and federal agencies, land conservancies, and other dedicated conservation entities.
9. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will disturb nesting bald eagles in the Johns Creek watershed, the only resident nesting eagles in Craig County.
10. WE ALREADY KNOW the proposed routes will affect the cultural sense of place for Craig County citizens and the visual scar of the pipeline corridor will affect current and future generations.

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