Protect our precious water resources

Write DEQ by August 22
There are only a few days left to speak up about our valuable water resources — streams, springs, creeks and wells and help stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Tuesday, August 22 is the deadline to send comments to our Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) asking that they do their job and deny permits to the Mountain Valley Pipeline because it would harm water quality. Click here to see a sample letter that you can send to DEQ by mail or by email to

Protect Our Precious Water Resources - Write to DEQDEQ can stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline from being built. DEQ does not have to issue these key permits, which would give MVP permission to rip through numerous creeks, rivers and wetlands. DEQ’s published mission is to protect our precious water resources. If they really do their job, they must deny these permits and stop this devastating project from harming Craig County and our region.

Similar state agencies have stopped other 42” interstate gas pipelines from being built recently in other states because of the risk of harming their water. But they need to hear this from the public.

Preserve Craig members and legal counsel spoke at recent DEQ public hearings and submitted independent science showing how MVP will harm our water.

One of the Preserve Craig comments to DEQ at their hearing in Radford stated:
“MVP is a limited liability company, a shell company that has no employees and can disappear at its convenience. EQT, the managing partner of MVP, was caught intentionally polluting water by the Pennsylvania DEQ. EQT pleaded guilty to intentionally contaminating water… Our water quality and landscape is everything to the citizens of Craig County. Allowing a private company to take our land from us is untenable. MVP cannot mitigate these impacts and it is the DEQ’s responsibility to deny any permits to these environmental criminals.”

The director of the DEQ was asked what would happen if a water supply were damaged by MVP. He replied that you would just have to find an alternative. Well, there are no alternatives here. “Mitigation” of this devastating pipeline will not protect our precious and fragile water systems here in Craig County and our karst mountainous region.

Also, the Craig County government sent comments to the DEQ, continuing to object to the project and asking that DEQ require MVP to submit data to document how they will cross every body of water and protect us. Let’s join in and send comments before the deadline, August 22, either postmarked by August 22 or submitted by email to

This horrendous project can and must be stopped, for the good of all the people. The MVP project would violate our Constitution and numerous laws and regulations intended to protect us, our property, and our precious clean water. We’ll need to be ready to prove in court that this is not for “the public good.”

Support the Appalachian Trail Conservancy efforts to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline from destroying our special region! Visit their website for an easy way to send letters to your representatives and government agencies. This is the first time the Appalachian Trail has ever opposed any project or crossing of the trail. They generally work with companies and government agencies to mitigate damage. However, they were unable to make any progress in justifying this project or reducing the harm.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is an unprecedented threat to the Appalachian Trail landscape, clean drinking water sources and local jobs in surrounding communities. By lending your voice, you are telling your representatives that we all deserve greater scrutiny for poorly planned projects like the MVP that could permanently damage surrounding economy and irreplaceable landscapes forever.
–Appalachian Trail Conservancy

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