It’s Time to Call MVP’s Game — No Eminent Domain for Export Gain

MVP Action Alert: It’s Time to Call MVP’s Game — No Eminent Domain for Export Gain!

Landowners in our communities have been defending their property rights against FERC and the Mountain Valley Pipeline for more than three years. The chainsaws are firing up. But now the truth is out. It’s time to halt construction and call for action on Rehearing the FERC Certificate.

Support your neighbors. Speak up now. Take 5 minutes to learn more and make three calls. Please share this information widely.

Under the Natural Gas Act, eminent domain power applies to gas pipelines for interstate commerce (not foreign markets). Its intention was to ensure that U.S. consumers have access to an adequate supply of natural gas at reasonable prices.

For three years we have been saying that MVP wants this pipeline to sell gas oversees. FERC and MVP denied it, but now the truth is out. Mounting evidence shows that most of MVP’s gas will likely go to supply foreign markets.

For three years we have been saying that MVP gas is not supplying a “public need”. FERC ignored us, but the truth is out. MVP, a limited liability joint venture led by EQT, is selling virtually all of its gas to its own companies — not domestic utilities or other users. In fact, MVP’s real impact will be more expensive gas for regional users.

Claiming eminent domain MVP is now starting to cut trees and begin pipeline construction, but the truth is out. MVP should never have qualified for the extraordinary power of eminent domain since it will serve no proven domestic public need but instead is destined for export.

(See Important information in the Background document with this Alert.)

SPEAK UP NOW. Comment to FERC. Call our legislators in DC and in our WV and VA state houses.

Tell them to stop MVP pipeline construction until these issues are resolved … before it’s too late. Family farms and law-abiding citizens should not be threatened by eminent domain for a mega-pipeline that will fill corporate pockets with export profits while increasing costs to regional gas users.

  1. FERC must call a halt to MVP construction and schedule a Rehearing of its Certificate Decision. FERC has ignored more than 20 official Requests for Rehearing that were filed within one month of FERC’s October 13, 2017 decision. Instead they issued a “tolling order” which allows MVP to proceed with tree-clearing and construction. While landowners are caught in “legal limbo” by federal rules that say they cannot take their appeal anywhere else until FERC rules, pipeline construction is proceeding.
  2. Federal Courts must consider and rule on two Constitutional Challenges to FERC and MVP. These lawsuits on behalf of landowners in West Virginia and Virginia were filed more than six months ago, before the FERC Certificate was issued! It’s time they have their day in court.
  3. MVP must prove that no gas flowing through this 42-inch pipeline will be exported. Nor can MVP use the gas to “enable exports” by replacing existing domestic supplies diverted for shipment overseas. Otherwise, MVP should not be granted authority to use eminent domain.


U.S. property rights are protected by the Constitution. They should not be so casually violated.

SPEAK UP NOW — HERE’S HOW: (Useful Information is included in the Background document.)


Call our Senators, Representatives and Governors (WV contacts below): Call on them to request FERC to stop MVP construction until a Rehearing is conducted. Why was eminent domain granted without adequate proof of domestic need and markets? MVP brought eminent domain lawsuits against landowners of about 300 landowners in 6 Virginia counties and 140 parcels in 9 West Virginia counties. Regardless of party or position on pipeline projects, our elected representatives have a duty to protect West Virginians’ interests and rights.


o Senator Joe Manchin: 202-224-3954 (Washington), 304-342-5855 (Charleston)

o Senator Shelley Moore Capito: 202-224-6472 (Washington), 304-347-5372 (Charleston)

o U.S. Representatives

  • Evan Jenkins (3rd District – Southern WV): 202-225-3452
  • Alex Mooney (2nd – Central WV): 202-225-2711
  • David McKinley (1st – Northern WV): 202-225-4172

o Governor Jim Justice: 304-558-2000

o VIRGINIA: Governor Ralph Northam: (804) 786-2211. To email, go to and use the email box at bottom right of screen.

o Secretary of Natural Resources Matt Strickler (804) 786-0044,

o Senator John Edwards, (804)698-7521, Roanoke office(540) 985-8690

o Del Greg Habeeb (804) 698-1008, Salem office(540) 915-2962

o Del Sam Rasoul (540)904-6905,,

o Del Chris Hurst

o Del Nick Rush,,


Write to FERC (Include: “FERC Docket 16-10-000, Mountain Valley Pipeline”): Tell them they need to stop MVP construction and schedule a Rehearing. This pipeline needs a re-set.

o Comment online at: (click on “e-Comment”)

o Or write to: Ms. Kimberly Bose, Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street NE, Room 1A Washington, D.C. 20426


Contact your legislative reps in the Statehouse:

o WV Senate roster:

o WV House of Delegates roster:

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