Giving Thanks for This Special Place

Giving Thanks for This Special Place – And Working to Protect It

In 1991, Craig County was threatened with the prospect of a massive 765Kv powerline traversing our farm lands and forests. Preserve Craig, Inc. was formed that year in response to this threat and successfully stopped this project. It took many years and was not easy. The 2002 final Record of Decision concluded that Craig County was too special of a place culturally and environmentally for a utility corridor. This was not a quick or easy fight and took many years!

Flash forward to Thanksgiving 2018. Preserve Craig continues to fight the Mountain Valley Pipeline project. Why? Because we have much to give thanks for and we are committed to protecting the special environment and culture of Craig County and our mountains. So, again, why are we continuing to oppose this project, since construction is already occurring? Because this project is just plain wrong in so many ways. Taking land from our citizens by granting eminent domain authority to an out-of-state company for their private gain is just plain wrong. And it can and must be stopped. If not, it will lead to similar projects in this special place. Every citizen of Craig County deserves clean water and a healthy environment in which to live for generations to come. We are finally being allowed to challenge the permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and demand that it be revoked. But we need your support to continue this effort. Until know we were not permitted to present our case against MVP and the FERC in front of any court. Now we are presenting clear proof that the pipeline route and its associated risks to our environment were never really evaluated. The need for the gas it would be transporting was not
documented. And the companies behind this project are not acting in the public interest and do not deserve the right to take private property.

So, we are challenging the core permit for this project and will be filing another important brief in the DC Appeals Court in December and we need help funding this effort. The legal challenges of Preserve Craig and our allies have, to date, resulted in the revocation of two key permits granted to this project by the United States Forest Service and the Army Corps of Engineers. Due to ongoing pressure by Preserve Craig and neighboring Preserve groups, the in-service date for this looming environmental disaster has been delayed and may never occur. Preserve Craig is committed to this fight and protecting our home, just as it was with the 765Kv powerline.

As a nonprofit organization, we continue to be funded through donations and fundraisers. Our need for financial support is ongoing so long as we have environmental attorneys filing legal briefs on our behalf. Please help us fight corporate greed at the expense of our drinking water and environment with your tax-deductible gift today! Donations can now be made online via our website or by mail.

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