Citizens Petition to Oppose the Pipeline

Preserve Craig wants YOU to help us speak with a unified voice regarding the Environmental Impacts of this proposed pipeline!

Summary of Petition

We the undersigned citizens respectfully request that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) accept and act upon the following issues regarding the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) natural gas transport project.

Issues we request be studied:

This pipeline route through Craig County has already been studied and denied as a utility corridor.

Mountain Valley Pipeline will:

  • Cause irreparable damage to our streams due to steep unstable slopes and sedimentation
  • Endanger federally protected plant and animal species which inhabit Craig County
  • Disrupt springs and wells on which every household depends
  • Scar the forest and view shed and threaten our rural culture.
  • Reduce land values and harm our economy, especially tourism & agriculture.
  • Endanger public safety and increase forest fire risk
  • Risk causing Johns Creek flood control dams to fail and cause damage to our roads and bridges
  • Not be needed if alternatives are studied.
  • Need to post a substantial bond to assure funds are available to cover damages and removal costs.

These significant negative impacts cannot be avoided nor mitigated. If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) does not exclude the Alternate 110 routes from further consideration, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must provide full and complete analysis of these effects and alternatives.

Click Here to Download the Full Text of the Petition.

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