MVP construction stayed!

Federal court stops construction of MVP in national forest.

MVP construction halted!

New federal court ruling halts all Mountain Valley Pipeline construction.


We are asking you to contact your legislators,in the US House and Senate, to support an amendment to HR 3746, the debt ceiling bill that will be voted on this week, to remove greenlighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline without further oversight.


... It’s a significant setback” for Mountain Valley, said Gillian Giannetti, a staff attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “MVP is in a holding pattern, and there’s no clear end in sight,” she said.

SENATE to vote on bill for MVP

Urgent Request to Remove MVP Free-Pass from the Debt Ceiling Bill that the Senate is voting on today and tomorrow.


PRESERVE CRAIG, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in 1991. With the support of more than 80% of Craig County households, Preserve Craig was instrumental in preventing AEP from putting a major power line through Craig County.

Craig Co BeautyPreserve Craig’s nonprofit purpose is to:
  • preserve and protect natural, historical, and cultural resources
  • conduct research and compile and publish information concerning natural, historical, and cultural resources
  • conduct public education programs

Those of us lucky enough to make Craig County our home feel truly blessed by all that life here has to offer and Preserve Craig is committed to sustaining the quality of life we value.

Preserve Craig's current focus is to oppose the 42” gas pipelines being proposed in Craig County. We are collecting and distributing scientific, environmental and economic data, holding educational meetings, working with government representatives and other groups, including the US Forest Service and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as to why it should not be approved. Please join us in this important work to save this special place for future generations.
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