MVP Opposition Letters

From Lynda Majors:

The Governor is judging the concern over the MVP pipeline by the number of LETTERS received. Letters need to flood into the State Water Control Board and the Governor’s office requesting a STOP WORK ORDER on MVP. Apparently sending representatives to talk to the Governor is NOT enough.  We need a VOLUME of citizens to write.

I have attached two pictures “before” and “after”, showing the permanent destruction of our mountain streams and our water supply by Mountain Valley Pipeline. You may have seen these same pictures earlier but I am sending them again to remind you what we are losing.

Probably every stream crossed by the pipeline ROW on these steep slopes looks like this.  DEQ has approved  sediment controls for these steep slopes that are failing to assure our water quality.

It is URGENT that every person in every community along the route sends letters to the Governor and the SWCB requesting a STOP WORK ORDER on MVP.

I will send out the first one that gets done with permission to be used as a template for everyone else to add on to.

From Bert Bondurant:

The State Water Control Board is an independent Board — above the DEQ staff—and it is entrusted with authority to protect our water.

Describe to the Board the destruction of water  in your area. ( please call, text or email your Preserve leaders in your area if you have experienced a change in your drinking water since any activity including tree cutting. Please document it thoroughly and send to Mountain Valley Watch as well (

Tell the Board “the Nationwide Permit” ( a general permit that fails to protect wetlands and streams) should be scrapped, and Virginia should instead do a careful and detailed, individual, stream by stream and wetland analysis.

Tell the Board that a “shell “ corporation with no bonding in place for compensation to individuals facing water disasters should be prohibited from causing any further damage to our fragile waters and wetlands that we rely upon for drinking water, home use and for agriculture.


US Mail to:
Water Control Board
C/o Office of Regulatory Affairs
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, VA  23218

Robert Dunn, Chair
LouAnn Jesse Wallace
Timothy Hayes
Nissan Dean
Roberta Kellam
Robert Wayland
Heather Wood

In addition, Roberta Kellams listed address:
P.O. Box 205, Franktown, VA 23354

Call Governor Ralph Northam: 804-786-2211

Write Governor Ralph Northam

Chief of Staff Clark Mercer

Counsel to the Governor Rita Davis

ALSO…US mail address:
The Way Ahead
PO Box 1475 , Richmond , VA 23218

Before photo:


After photo:


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